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Irs Audits

The IRS is an agency of the United States' government that is responsible for tax collection and the enforcement of tax laws. Among the IRS' methods of enforcement is the use of IRS audits. An IRS audit is a formal review of the tax returns of an individual or a company. Individuals whose taxes have been reviewed have the right to appeal any decision of the IRS. This process begins when an individual receives a letter from the IRS detailing the suggested adjustments to be made to the... Read More

Income Tax Fraud

Two distinct types of income tax fraud are prevalent. These are personal income tax fraud and business income tax fraud. With personal income tax fraud, an individual may not report all of the income he or she received, or may use inflated figures when taking deductions on their personal tax forms. It is easy for a business owner to commit income tax fraud. He or she may make false claims to get refunds, open and close businesses in order to avoid taxes, and have fraudulent accounting, which... Read More

Age Discrimination Act 1967

Those who believe they have faced age discrimination in the workplace will find that the Age Discrimination Act 1967 will help. This law was enacted to protect workers over 40 from being discriminated against due to hiring, pensions, firing, promotions, benefits, and more. While this federal law only applies to companies with 20 or more employees, there are various state laws that apply to businesses with one employee or more. Filing a claim with a state or federal Equal Employment... Read More

Joint Legal Custody Definition

Even as the paradigm of joint custody has emerged as the most popular option for divorcing parents, there remains a great deal of confusion over what exactly this type of arrangement entails. Specifically, there seems to be lingering confusion over the concepts of legal and physical custody. To make matters worse, custody decrees and other legal documents rarely include a clear and concise joint legal custody definition. Although there are some slight variations that impact the law in... Read More

Fraud Attorney

A fraud attorney may represent plaintiffs who have been the victims of fraud or defendants who have been accused of fraud. An allegation of fraud may be made in a civil case or in a criminal prosecution. If a criminal fraud conviction may result in a fine and/or jail time. Because fraud takes so many forms, many fraud attorneys specialize and handle only certain types of fraud cases. For instance, a fraud attorney may handle mortgage fraud and real estate fraud cases or he may handle only... Read More

Forging Signaturese

Forging signaturese even for the first time is not a smart idea. You will either face a judge even possibly a jury. Forging signatures can get you anywhere from 6 months to 2 years in jail, and a fine of not less than $100 dollars. Think of the concequense before before forging signatures.

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Flat Rental Attorney

A flat rental attorney is an attorney that specializes in rental law or residential law. This person is often specialized in a variety of types of rental agreements, including those for flats, apartments, condominiums and houses. The goal of this attorney is to work closely with the landlord or the owner to handle the disagreement. This may be in regards to a dispute over nonpayment of rental dues or the treatment of the facilities or some other type of disagreement.

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Aviation Lawyer

An aviation lawyer is concerned with all policy created by the Federal Aviation Administration and additional possibly inter-related laws, such as basic person rights and federal transportation policies. Some aviation lawyers specialize in one portion of aviation laws, like those managing carries, pilots or passengers. Aviation lawyers concerned with passengers are also very knowledgeable in insurance policies, using it to prevent... Read More

Aviation Accident Law

Aviation accident law is a specialized field where legal profession members normally represent those who have been injured in a plane crash or other aviation incident. Because of the very nature and use of airplanes, when there is an accident involving pilot error or mechanical breakdown, it usually shows culpability (responsibility) of the airline or aircraft most often, but certainly not all civil aviation lawsuits are won by the plaintiff. This certainly is not set in stone and there are... Read More

Short Sale Attorney

A short sale attorney works on behalf of either the property owner or the lender. When a property owner stops making necessary payments on his or her mortgage, as agreed to in the terms of the loan, the property loan lender may start the foreclosure process. However, the property owners may consider a short sale in some instances. This occurs when the property is sold for less then what is owed, but the lender agrees to the short sale at a... Read More

Sexual Harassment Examples

Sexual harassment comes in two common forms - quid pro quo and hostile environment. Sexual harassment examples of quid pro quo include a boss offering a promotion in exchange for sexual favors or a teacher offering tutoring time with a student who will remove his or her clothes during tutoring. Sexual harassment examples of hostile environment include a fellow employee suggesting to the entire office that an individual is sexually... Read More

Sex Discrimination

These laws, beginning with the Equal Pay Act of 1963, demand equal compensation, benefits, and other perquisites for female workers doing the same work as their male counterparts. Additional protections over the years have established these protections are reciprocal, or men also are protected from disparate pay from their equal female counterparts as well. For many years, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the defining piece of legislation... Read More

Education Attorney

An education attorney is a legal professional who is knowledgeable about the laws surrounding education. Education laws address areas of education that include schools, school systems, and school boards. The individual states are responsible for operating the schools in the United States. If an individual, or the parent of a minor, feels as if they are not receiving what the education laws of their state indicated they should, or if they... Read More

Zoning Attorney

A zoning attorney handles cases where a client plans to use a piece of land for a specific purpose, such as for business, residential, or industrial purposes, and must gain permission under zoning regulations. This involves first applying for a zoning permit, then having the permit application reviewed, and finally undergoing inspection. Zoning attorneys usually become involved if and when the land use is taken before a zoning board in a... Read More

Workers Compensation Attorney

It is important to find a workers compensation attorney that you are comfortable with and that is going to be able to represent you in all negotiations or possible court cases pending your denial of a claim. Your attorney should be able to answer your questions about the workers compensation claim process as well as what you can reasonably expect with regards to your claim. In very general terms you should be compensated for any... Read More

Wrongfully Convicted

Being wrongfully convicted means that someone is found guilty and punished for a crime that they did not commit. Wrongful conviction can occur for several reasons in a case, including when an innocent person pleads guilty in order to get a plea bargain. The lack of definitive evidence can lead to the defendant being wrongfully convicted because the jury doesn’t have very many facts to look at and they might make a decision just based... Read More

Vehicle Accident Lawyer

A vehicle accident lawyer is a professional who provides specific legal services to those who have been injured in a car accident or who may be responsible for a car accident. On either side of the case, this attorney works to show his or her client's responsibility in the case and to help determine what the level of compensation should be. This type of attorney may work with a person who has been accused of a crime involving a car... Read More

Underpayment Tax Penalty

Under the United State's tax code, underpayment tax penalty is a term used to describe an individual who has paid some, but not all of the taxes owed to the agency. This penalty goes in place for those who have not paid enough of the total estimated tax and withholding according to the requirements of the agency. Estimated tax is the amount of tax the individual is likely to have to pay in the following months or year, based on their... Read More

Trial Attorney

A trial attorney is someone who represents a litigant in a legal proceeding which involves a jury for the eventual judgment. Given the large amount of legal proceedings that require the use of a jury, the services of a trial attorney are an enduring and prolific presence within the judicial system. Although trial attorney is an encompassing definition, most lawyers tend to describe themselves via their area of expertise. For instance a... Read More

Truck Driving Laws

The majority of regulations that truck drivers must follow are the same as any other driver on America's roadways. But commercial truck drivers also have additional truck driving laws by which they must abide. First, they must obtain a commercial driver's license from their state and fulfill all the requirements of that license. Those requirements vary a bit by state, but generally follow a national standard. In addition, truck... Read More

Slander Attorney

Slander, which is a form of defamation, takes place when a person makes a verbal statement about another person that falsely causes damage to that person. In accordance with their civil rights, a person who is victim to slander can file a complaint in court, suing the other person for the damages caused by their statements. As the plaintiff, this person will likely need a slander attorney – a licensed attorney who understands the laws... Read More

Securities Attorney

Securities – stocks, bonds, certificates, mutual funds – are governed by an area of law known as securities law. A securities attorney generally deals with disputes between corporations, the government, and individual investors regarding security trading. Corporations, who issue securities, are bound by federal and state law in terms of how they manage their trading. The government regulates the activities of corporations... Read More

Social Security Attorney

In the United States, social security is a system of benefits which pays out assistance to the retired and to the disabled. By law, people who are citizens become entitled to payments they should receive from social security – it is a legal right of being a citizen, and taxpayer. To receive social security, however, a person must first become eligible. Eligibility includes retirement, death of a social security recipient who is... Read More

Residency Attorney

Many people think that they can simply arrive at the United States border line, ask politely to come in and the request will be granted, but that is far from the truth. It is a complicated process involving lots of time and paperwork to be allowed to enter the United States. It is important to first determine how long the stay is going to need to last. If it will only be a temporary stay, then normally a nonimmigrant visa is required, but... Read More

Refugee Attorney

A refugee is someone who has escaped the dangers of his/her native country and is now staying in another foreign country for protection. Reasons for leaving a person's home land can include fear of persecution because of race, religious beliefs, political views, nationality or some other reason that they believe will cause them potential serious harm. The dangers must be proven to be realistic for the refugee to be allowed political... Read More

Recalled Product Attorney

A recalled product attorney, which may also be known as a defective product lawyer, can provide legal assistance if you have been injured or a loved one has been killed or disabled due to any type of defective consumer product. This doesn't necessarily eliminate cases where the product was not being used for the specific purpose it was intended, as long as it is reasonable that the product was being used in the alternative way.... Read More

Real Estate Attorney

When buying or selling a home, most people seek assistance from a real estate agent, a professional who facilitates real estate transactions. Real estate agents are responsible for much of the process, and are often experienced enough to offer sound legal help. All in all, a real estate agent can seem most helpful; however, in some cases an attorney is a good choice also, either in addition to an agent or individually. A real estate... Read More

Penalty For Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is the deliberate and knowing avoidance of paying federal, state and/or municipal taxes. The means adopted are not legal. Attempts to defraud the government of money may include setting up a shell company in an offshore zone or not declaring the total amount of income. As a result, tax evasion is a criminal offence. It is recognized as such worldwide. In addition toa financial cost, the penalty for tax evasion includes... Read More

Personal Liability Attorney

Given the myriad possibilities that may result in a personal injury, it is no surprise that the expert legal advice of a personal liability attorney is highly sought after in the legal scene. Personal liability falls under the stipulations and guidelines of tort law, and concerns the responsibility of an individual or entity to function in a manner that does not inflict emotional or physical harm onto another through negligence and... Read More

Office Of Civil Rights

The Office of Civil Rights, or OCR, exists to ensure that equal access to public education is guaranteed to every American citizen. It receives and analyzes complaints of discrimination, then takes action to see that the cause of discrimination is eliminated and that all members of a student body are treated equally and with the same degree of care and respect. The organization is made up of several advisory committees, operational... Read More

Naturalization Certificate

A naturalization certificate is a document issued by the United States government as proof that a person has obtained US citizenship through the process of naturalization. This is the legal process by which an individual obtains a new nationality and therefore the naturalization certificate shows proof that an individual has followed this process and is in fact a legal citizen. Naturalization entitles a person to citizenship within a given... Read More

Naturalization Certificate

A naturalization certificate is a document issued by the United States government as proof that a person has obtained US citizenship through the process of naturalization. This is the legal process by which an individual obtains a new nationality and therefore the naturalization certificate shows proof that an individual has followed this process and is in fact a legal citizen. Naturalization entitles a person to citizenship within a given... Read More

Motion In Limine

Motion in Limine is to be pronounced as “limb-in-nay” basically this word has been arrived from the Latin language. This word is generally used in court orders. Motion in limine means, In court judgements according to the judge rule when a particular evidence may not produced for the trial then a motion can be made in the beginning of the trial requesting. This generally happens when undergoing criminal cases or trial and when... Read More

Marriage Attorney

A marriage attorney is a generic term to refer to any type of family lawyer. Some attorneys to specialize in marriage law, or the laws surrounding marriage, separation and divorce. In situations where there is a dispute in a legal marriage, it may be necessary for both parties to come together to determine the best course of action and having an attorney to represent each party is sometimes necessary. This attorney may work as a mediator... Read More

Mediation Attorney

A mediation attorney is legal counsel that specializes in alternative dispute resolution to resolve outstanding disputes, specifically mediating a resolution to a dispute. The costs of mediation often are far less than a prolonged and protracted case involving litigation and eventually courtroom resolution. Therefore, two parties, using their legal counsel, may attempt to resolve a dispute through an alternative dispute resolution method,... Read More

Licensing Attorney

A licensing attorney provides legal representation in any licensing situation. This includes the process of obtaining a license, disputing a license or handling other conflicts associated with licensing. A licensing attorney provides for the legal aspects of obtaining a license or disputing problems with a license. For example, this attorney may help a local group obtain a license to operate in an area. In situations where there are... Read More

Life Insurance Trust

A life insurance trust can be used to remove a significant asset from being counted as part of an estate for tax purposes. This type of trust is irrevocable, so the grantor who places the insurance policy in the trust gives up all control over the policy. This means the grantor can name the beneficiary at the time the trust is set up, but cannot change this decision later. The grantor also can't borrow against the value of the... Read More

Visa Attorney

Terrorism and weddings appear to be miles apart on the relational radar. However, when it comes to immigration, that is not always the case. America is at the top of the hit list for many terrorist leaders around the world. And since the quickest and easiest way for a foreign national to enter the U.S. and obtain a green card, many terrorists attempt to do so through fraudulent marriages. Knowing this, immigration officials examine K1 and... Read More

Patent Attorney

The process of having any type of intellectual property or IP patented in the United States is both complex as well as time consuming in most cases. Inventors, artists and entrepreneurs must file an application for patent, provide searches and relevant documentation and be prepared to respond to questions, denials and requests for additional supporting documentation from patent examiners. In addition those wishing to patent their invention... Read More

Immigration Visa

An immigration visa is a travel document that allows you access to a country for which you are not a citizen or resident. Once you reach a port of entry, you must present your immigration visa so that the officials see what the intent and purpose of your trip into the country is. There are a variety of different visas for the purpose of students and education abroad, employment on a seasonal or long term basis, family relationship, and even... Read More

Employment Eligibility

Employers are required to document the employment eligibility of their new hires by keeping on file the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form. This requirement is enforced by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a division of the Department of Homeland Security. The form specifically requires employers to not only check the identity of their employees but to also verify documentation of their employees'... Read More

Home & Business Attorney

One of the most important functions a home & business attorney serves is to advise clients on the tax implications of running a business out of their home. The IRS has very strict guidelines governing home offices and the deductions that a taxpayer may take in connection with a home business. A home & business attorney may also advise clients in choosing the best business structure for their home business with an eye toward minimizing tax liability while maximizing asset protection.... Read More

Government Tax Lien

Government tax lien is one in which a lien is held against a property to ensure payment of taxes. What this does is guarantee that even if the house is sold, the delinquent taxes on the property will be paid. Government liens can be placed for a variety of reasons including property taxes owed. It varies from state to state but after a given time, if the taxes are not paid, the property may be sold by the government to collect the taxes owed. Income tax, estate tax and gift taxes are also in... Read More

Grandparent Visitation Law

In the past, grandparents and other relatives were often disregarded in the child custody process. Even though grandparents often have a very strong emotional bond with their grandchildren, they were overlooked from a legal standpoint and often suffered as a result of lingering enmity on the part of the non-related parent in the aftermath of a divorce. Today, however, the situation has shifted. In many states, special custody laws have now... Read More

Divorce Attorney

A divorce attorney is an expert, licensed lawyer who specializes in the legal process of divorce, or the stable, legal separation of two married people. The divorce process is a legal one and both parties need to be adequately represented within it, to ensure that both sides receive adequate disbursement of property. A divorce attorney may job towards settling the divorce outside of court whenever possible, but may need to represent one... Read More


To be deported means to be barred from a country in which you are a far-off citizen, no matter what your duration or purpose of stay within that country. For an individual to be deported, they must have broken a law or gone against a government mandate that ends their citizenship immediately. This essentially means that an individual is banished from the given country with little to no possibility of re-entry into that country. Usually to... Read More

Child Custody Attorney

When child custody issues should be addressed it is best to have talented legal advice. The decisions concerning custody of the children and related child support matters are often made during a time of extreme emotional anxiety. The lawyer knows the specific state laws that are applicable in a given situation. In most cases, a parenting plan must be created which outlines things like visitation rights. unluckily many times child custody discussions turn ugly and parents have difficulty... Read More

Car Accident Insurance Claims

A car accident insurance claim maybe a person first perform to the world of lawyers and indemnity agents. After the initial shock has worn off the person making a claim should be honest with their insurance agent and should call their agent as quickly as possible, time is of the essence both in your reporting and in filing a claim before the filing time limit arrives. Keeping good records of what happen, the indemnity policy details of the... Read More

Business Lawyer

A business lawyer handles different legal matters for clients ranging from sole proprietorships to small partnerships to large, multi-national corporations. Two of the major mistakes business owners make is that they use do-it-yourself forms originate on the Internet and they wait until they are being sued to seek out a business attorney. Using do-it-yourself forms is a mistake because quite often these forms are ambiguous and do not... Read More

Broker Fraud Attorneyp

Broker fraud attorneys characterize usually clients who have been defrauded by stock brokers. However, a broker fraud attorney might also represent clients in cases against mortgage brokers and real estate broker. Stock broker misconduct claims include falsification and omissions, churning, unsuitability, over-concentration, failure to supervise, failure to execute trades, breach of convention, breach of promise, negligence, breach of... Read More

Apartment Sublet Lawyer

Apartment sublet lawyer help individuals who own an apartment building or the dweller of it to handle any type of legal disputes that may occur as a direct consequence of that relationship. As example, one of the mainly common types of disputes include contracts. An notary can draft initial contracts for all parties involved. He or she can also handle any disputes that are infringements of that actual contract, such as the nonpayment of... Read More

Accident Lawyer

When an individual is caught up in accident, often a claim can be made. The effective way to deal with an accident position is to seek the aid of specialized injury and accident lawyers who are more useful than a general practitioner is because they are accustomed to the specific field of lawsuits. They are awake of usual tendencies and have all the knowledge necessary to navigate any related local or state particular laws. Referrals are often the greatest way to find the right lawyer.... Read More

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